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ASK manufacturers drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes. Our products are used by small builders through to some of the most acclaimed architects and construction companies in the region.
Our products and solutions provide new opportunities for innovative specifications in schools, hospitals and other commercial projects. Through customer insights, we also help the sector to cut wastage, improve manual handling, speed up installation times and deliver projects which are sustainable and address lifetime cost.

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Our History

We are one of the largest and full line fabricator and supplier of Gypsum Powder and Gypsum Boards products in the Gulf, with a normal Production capacity reaching up to 50 million m2 for Gypsum Board Products and in excess of 350,000 tons of Gypsum Powder. We present a wide range of internal lining solutions in the 'Building Connections for a Sustainable Future' series. Its production process Emphasizes on environmental concerns through the minimization of Gas Emissions and Dust; Waste Elimination; Energy and Water conservation.

Our Products
Products to meet your performance requirements

Our products provide a complete range of materials to create partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing systems for small and major projects across the region.

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OUR Brands

Gulf Gypsum Powder
Gulf Gypsum Powder

More than 1M Tons of Production Capacity, Superior Whiteness, Affordable & Cost Effective, Free from Shrinkage Cracks, Provides Excellent Bondin,  Imparts High coverage, Maintenance Free



“G Board” are manufactured from high quality gypsum, with a purity of no less than 95%. This makes the “G Board” light, strong and easy to cut / handle. 

Fiber Cement Board

Cboard is a 100% asbestos free fiber cement board manufactured in Saudi Arabia by ASK Gypsum factory Ltd from a homogeneous mixture of cement and silica with a reinfarcing fiber known as Cellulose


Gcoat provides superior performance, faster application, and is ready to use for a smooth application with a long-lasting performance.


Easy to handle Recycled material Non – combustibility No movement & moisture


Fiberglass Mesh Tape-Self-adhesive

Joint paper tape

Metal Corner Tape

Gboard Drywall Screws

Testing & Certifications

  • • Our operations are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards
  • • Our products are manufactured and tested to ASTM Standards
  • • Specialist boards – like External Boards – Acoustical Boards- Impact resistant boards – and Antibacterial boards

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P.O.B: 6556 Jeddah 23513-2509
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