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Internal Boards

ASK technical boards are the ultimate solutions for today's buildings, providing high levels of fire, sound, thermal, moisture and impact resistance to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for building occupants.  All our materials are accredited by ASTM quality standards.

Gboard Regular

Base board for all GBOARD® SYSTEMS requiring no special specifications. General indoor building work and all tpe of jobs, ceilings, insulation, refurbishments and decoration, etc.

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Gboard Fire Stop

Board with glass fiber in the gypsum core. When it acts, the glass fiber increases the fire protection of GBOARD Fire Stop board, improving the behavior of the boards or systems in which it is included.

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Gboard Moisture Resistant

Thanks to the waterproofing treatment given to its core, which considerably reduces water absorption on this board, thus strenghtening its resistance to the direct action of water in the different GBOARD® SYSTEMS.

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Gboard Fire Stop / MR

GBOARD Firestop with Water repellent additives in core is used in wall lining and partitioning systems where both fire and moisture resistance is required.

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Gboard Impact

Board especially treated to provide greater resistance to impact caused by impacts. This reduces the effects they produce on its surface.

Gboard Anti Bacterial

A Novel Gypsum board having improved antimicrobial and antibacterial disclosed properties. The board compromises a gypsum core, and a polymeric antimicrobial / antibacterial compound effective at inhibiting fungal growth.

Solid Types

Boards specially made for the commercial sector. All Types and sizes are available.


Cboard Fiber Cement Board

This board is non-pressed cement-based. It guarantees the utmost durability in dam areas. It is highly impact resistant. It can be used in areas of high impact or dam as false ceiling, cladding and partition walls.

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G-Tech - Decorative & Acoustic Boards

It combines acoustics and beauty. G-TECH, a new range of laminated plasterboards with different shapes of perforations. It improves the sound absorption of rooms where it is installed, offering flexibility to the design of spaces and shapes.